Writing research implications and recommendations

Of course, all of these symptoms could be caused by other things, such as learning disabilities, problems at home or theflu, but it is important that the teacher keep TBI in mind as a possibility.

Drawing Conclusions and Implications

Considerable resources should be devoted to producing materials for teachers and students that clearly present both the learning goals and landmark performances along the way to competence. An alternative explanation for low ratings is that many of these sources, for example, books and magazines, are being underemployed by the TBI survivor community.

Teachers should particularly keep TBI in mind when dealing with students who previously were victims of child abuse or student athletes who are involved in contact sports. Writing research implications and recommendations these kinds of systemic and structural issues are not addressed, new forms of assessment will not live up to their full potential.

Therefore, it might be of benefit to analyze what successful workers, executives, professionals, etc. Other scientists and practitioners use this basic research, together with their experience, to design prototypes that apply the knowledge in practical settings. Moderate and severe injury survivors may be counseled that measurable improvements in symptom severity in some categories are reported post-two-years TBI by this and other newer studies.

Doctors, hospitals, support groups, and teachers should be informed andinformative as to materials produced about TBI for the survivor and his or her family.

Conclusions and Implications The results of the survey indicated some surprising conclusions. The suggestion instead is to embrace more individual-centred and context-sensitive approaches and solutions. The evidence from this study showed that doctors in prison are continuing to prescribe drugs for personality disorder.

While this practice may be against national clinical guidance, there is arguably a need for research to explore the reasons and circumstances in which drugs are prescribed for personality disorder, not only in prison but in the wider community.

For example, authors of policy documents could take note that that most of the time CEOs will not read them directly and are likely to pass them to one of their immediate collaborators. Teacher research derives its reliability from providing enough information to be able to make reasonable "comparisons" to other situations and contexts.

Teacher and schools need further training on TBI so they can pass along helpful data to survivors and their families. It is reasonable to infer that students would wish their work to be presentable with good content, spelling and grammar if it is to be read by a vast audience; however, what causes students to work cooperatively?

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Research in this area could also consider whether or not the use of more costly formulations of medicines in prison e. The first is strategic. This could be conducted alongside clinical trials to measure the impact of introducing alternative interventions e.

Although analysing our data with a view to identifying and codifying these skills and behaviours goes beyond the remit of the current project, contacts have already been established with the appropriate institutions including the NHS Leadership Academy and the Institute of Healthcare Management to explore how this can be achieved collaboratively in the near future.

Is Teacher Research Valid and Reliable? There are injured adult survivors living at home with their aging parents.

Commitment to theory and explanation. Similarly, Hargreaves argues that research results cannot be applied directly to classroom practice, but must be transformed by practitioners; that is, teachers need to participate in creating new knowledge.

Dollieslager et al all agreed: The committee believes that, in the case of the assessments we envision, research should focus on design and implementation.CHAPTER - 6 SUMMARY, FINDINGS, IMPLICATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS the area and type of research have been set, the Findings, implications and recommendations.

are presented in this chapter. Hypothesis Testing At the outset of the. It’s also important to distinguish the study from others that preceded it and provide recommendations for future research.

Checklist for reading and critiquing a research article. 1. Critiquing the research article a. Title describes the article Limitations are presented and their implications discussed n.

Conclusion includes. RECOMMENDATIONS How to write recommendations: Brief – write concisely; any reason for recommendation should only be given if necessary Clear – do not be ambiguous as to how the suggestion should be implemented Precise – vague recommendations usually result from insufficient research / analysis.

Chapter 5: Implications and Future Research Summary of the Argument Susan Baxter, an online studies scholar, effectively summarizes one of the main issues significant differences between print and online writing affect the reception of such work as the significance of the study, and recommendations for future research.

Conclusions, implications of the study and directions for future research - Keeping knowledgeable: how NHS chief executive officers mobilise knowledge and information in.

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Writing research implications and recommendations
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