The talented tenth essay by web dubois

Now, under the elevating and cherishing influence of the American Anti-slavery Society, the colored race, like the white, furnishes Corinthian capitals for the noblest temples.

Exceptional it is to be sure, but this is its chiefest promise; it shows the capability of Negro blood, the promise of black men.

This calls for leadership through special organization. We will not quarrel as to just what the university of the Negro should teach or how it should teach it—I willingly admit that each soul and each race-soul needs its own peculiar curriculum.

It is to dwarf the tree that has in it the potency of a grand oak. This enables us to reach fairly certain conclusions as to the occupations of all college-bred Negroes. Too little notice has been taken of the work which the Talented Tenth among Negroes took in the great abolition crusade.

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Talented Tenth

Hathi Trust Digital Library offers the full text for online viewing. Men we shall have only as we make manhood the object of the work of the schools—intelligence, broad sympathy, knowledge of the world that was and is, and of the relation of men to it—this is the curriculum of that Higher Education which must underlie true life.

The best and most capable of their youth must be schooled in the colleges and universities of the land. Concept[ edit ] The phrase "talented tenth" originated in among Northern white liberals, specifically the American Baptist Home Mission Societya Christian missionary society strongly supported by John D.

Franklin Jamesonrefused, and published the paper without the capitalization. The only question is, have we the will? Help us improve this article! This was a unique identity which, according to Du Bois, had been a handicap in the past, but could be a strength in the future: DuBois discussed the history and significance of Atlanta University in his chapter for the book, From Servitude to Service: Failing this, mere murder, arson, barn burning or impudence may do.

Washington, Principal of Tuskegee Institute, W. In most cases the college departments are small adjuncts to high and common schoolwork.Feb 22,  · W. E. B. Dubois The Talented Tenth 2 of 4 - Duration: Ghana's WEB Du Bois center and the pan-African spirit - Duration: The Talented Tenth by W E B DuBois - Duration: DuBois's "The Talented Tenth" essay is available on this site.

THE TALENTED TENTH. In the discussion concerning Negro education we should not forget the talented tenth man. An ordinary education may answer for the nine men of mediocrity; but if this is all we offer the talented tenth man, we make a prodigious mistake. The tenth man, with.

The phrase "the Talented Tenth," which was coined by W.E.B.

What Was Meant by the Talented Tenth?

Du Bois in an essay published inrefers to the portion of the African American population that should be accorded the best opportunities to be educated and trained as teachers and leaders. Du Bois believed African Americans required.

W.E.B. DuBois. September The Talented Tenth rises and pulls all that are worth the saving up to their vantage ground. This is the history of human progress; and the two historic mistakes which have hindered that progress were the thinking first that no more could ever rise save the few already risen; or second, that it would better.

In his essay The Talented Tenth, W.E.B. DuBois discussed his strategy for racial uplift and explained the importance of higher education in those struggles.

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The talented tenth essay by web dubois
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