The options and power of the audience with the bbc radio website

Driven by a desire to develop new skills and a willingness to pay for experiences, they favour travel and exploration and have a strong interest in arts and culture.

Angus has just returned from Germany so opts for a caesar salad and sparkling water to balance out a diet of bratwurst and schnitzel.

I apologise for my questions with preambles longer than the answers, and he tells me his next appointment has been cancelled and we have plenty of time. David Rowe Fake news By the time the waiter brings over menus, it feels like we have covered a lot of ground.

View all announcements I had been told Angus was on a tight schedule and so had prepared a tight ish list of questions to pepper him with over lunch.

Educated and outward-looking, the Culturally Curious are more than twice as likely than any other segment to say they are interested in other countries and cultures.

Read more Affluent Millennials Everyone is trying to target millennials, but with almost m of them, is your advertising reaching the right ones? And no one wants to debase that, not the government and not the BBC, because it would be completely counterproductive.

Explore audience segments in more detail and find out about audience targeting capabilities here Audience based research Take a look at research based, in-depth insights exploring the attitudes and news consumption habits of different target audiences.

Motivated and with a global outlook, they are prolific consumers, always first with new technology and extremely brand-conscious. As we finish our coffees and as the lunch draws to a close, the conversation shifts to what journalism looks like in the future.

So, why is a service that was created to bring England to its Empire still relevant today in a post-Empire, post-colonialist world? They enjoy being informed and being able to share their insight with their personal and professional circles.

Africa this week: UK wants Zimbabwe back in the Commonwealth

I hope so too. Angus indignantly rejects such a suggestion. It is this kind of fake news, along with fake photography and the growing trend of deep-fake videosthat has Angus worried. I fail to mention that I ate only two hours earlier, having been awake since 4am due to jet lag, and order the same.

But even as the fight for advertising dollars or pounds becomes competitive and margins continue to narrow, he is optimistic there will always be a market for good quality, well researched journalism.

So that is the important difference between our model and theirs. Angus still sees TV as being king for some time yet, whether it is being watched on a television or a computer screen. He says it is important for governments in mature democracies in Britain, Australia and the United States to think about how they are going to respond to that threat.

The BBC’s Jamie Angus talks soft power, fake news and the global information war

They are the segment most likely to be aware of the BBC and have the most favourable overall brand impression. Can you show me a selection of instances where RT has criticised the Russian government? Angus says there is a growing issue about where English-speaking people get their international news from.

We can now further build on that. However, two highly attractive audience segments significantly over-index across BBC platforms; Worldly Achievers and Culturally Curious. Culturally Curious Educated, affluent and career-oriented, Worldly Achievers engage with everything around them.BBC AUDIENCE Over half the global online audience watch or view the BBC on a monthly basis, attracting audiences with vastly differing characteristics who can be precisely targeted through our data management platform.

National Audit Office report: The BBC’s understanding of its audiences and users. Building on the effective audience measures that exist for TV and radio, the BBC has rightly sought to address areas where data does not currently meet its needs, particularly in measuring and.

And we’d love you to be in our audience for one of them. BBC Radio 4’s Daily Service celebrates BBC Music Day and the power of music.

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Radio 4. BBC Radio 3, in partnership with the. The BBC Radio 4 Audience • Reach: million adults listen to Radio 4 each week, % of the population. • Hours: Radio 4 continues to have a very loyal average Radio 4 listener tunes in for 11 hours 00min each week.

In total that makes over million hours every week. Quarterly reports on how audiences consume television, radio and online services from the BBC.

Accessibility links. Accessibility Help; BBC iD BBC Audience Information April - June Breaking news, sport, TV, radio and a whole lot more. The BBC informs, educates and entertains - wherever you are, whatever your age.

The options and power of the audience with the bbc radio website
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