The need to smile essay

What Students Believe Throughout the school year, young people around the world write statements of belief as a classroom exercise.

Importance of Smile

Researchers have found out that smile plays an important role in improving the overall fitness and wellness quotient of the body and this is the reason that nowadays smile and laughter are used in treatments of various diseases. Ever been around someone who just had something fantastic happen to him or her?

I laughed as he laughed as I made the siren noise as the police horse pulled over the zebra helicopter pilot. When the people in the first study frowned, they felt less happy, and in the German study, people who held a pen in The need to smile essay protruding lips, imitating a pout, felt unhappy.

I come home tired from shooting hoops, learning new dances, playing pretend and just laughing. I laughed as he The need to smile essay his things together so that he could leave with me as I headed for the door.

His smile could be used to light Yankee Stadium in a midnight thunderstorm. This is because smile plays an important role in mending the moods of the individuals to a large extent and at the same time, it also aids in the process of a healthy social life also.

Smiling just feels good. Your face has 44 muscles in it that allow you make more than 5, different types of expressions, many of which are smiles. Donate If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc.

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In fact, in this diverse world full of different culture, languages, caste, creed, sex and other variations, the smile can be the best way to communicate that can break all the barriers between boundaries and aid in the process of a harmonious relationship between the various countries of the world.

I come home tired and rejuvenated because these young humanoids are reminding that most of all every day we want to laugh, play, sing and dance. Smiling makes you more attractive. The people in the photos had one of two expressions: Just like seeing someone else smile makes you smile, reading emotion verbs like smile, grin, frown, etc.

Smiling may help to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. But remember that this, too, can be for better or for worse. Take a few deep breaths and smile! According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of American adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex.

Heck, you may be able to even read the word smile and feel better. When you watch a friend do something silly or embarrassing, you smirk. Another German study found that people felt happy just by holding a small pen clenched in their teeth, imitating a smile.

Because no matter what a kid has been through he still wants to play and laugh. So the moral of this story is smile—and laugh—often! Reducing stress is so important for health, too, as it can lower blood pressure, improve digestion and regulate blood sugar.The Need to Laugh, Smile and Play in Life.

Paul - Tallahassee, Florida. Entered on August 15, I believe that the desire to laugh, smile and play is right up there with the need for nutrition. I am a mental health therapist who works with abused and neglected children.

Smile more! We need more smiles on the planet, we need more teeth! The fact is people appreciate smiling, no matter what race you are, what gender,or where you's a universal signal of.

What are some good ways to describe a smile? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 21 Answers. Sorren Galiza, Into Spiritual Awakening. You need to be beware of fake smiles. What are some good ways to make a depressed girl smile?

7 Good Reasons to Smile

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2. Based on the ideas in the essay, what kind of smile is Mona Lisa’s smile? Is it a “Duchenne Smile”?

The Need to Laugh, Smile and Play in Life

A social smile? What “reading” can we take from her smile—and how much of a smile is it? importance of smile essay, smile speech, smile essay, small essay on smile, a best speech about smile Related Post Importance of Failures in Life Much like success, failures are also part of human lives.

The need to smile essay
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