The effects of war in the play journeys end

The novel is concentrated on the life of Dr Rivers, a psychiatrist at the mental hospital. This is established through their conversations concerning school.

When Raleigh a young naive soldier is introduced to us we see a whole new side of Stanhope, a young sporty scholar who was looked up to by many young boys, including Raleigh.

Which is a deep shade of khaki, by the way. In both the books they tell of war as it is, no hiding the facts. Essay UK - http: To become a man, you need to oppress your emotional needs and sacrifice your feelings, a price attached to the war.

When we become aware of Stanhope mocking Trotter, we can clearly distinguish the attitude developed between fellow soldiers, in spite of class division. Stanhope is known in the trenches as a hard man, like a father figure but with authority, but he also had a reputation for being an alcoholic.

In addition, Barker uses the character of, Prior to illustrate class prejudice at the front. Trotter seems almost unaffected by the war; alternatively he concentrates upon his daily routine of eating, standing on duty and writing letters home to his wife.

Instead he presents Trotter as a comical character with very little psychological depth. You lose many parts of yourself, and are no longer whole. Furthermore, there is the use of depiction of the different ranks in command, as the Colonel seems mainly interested in pleasing the Brigadier; Stanhope, a captain, is deeply shocked by the loss in action of Osbourne, his reliable second in command.

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Explore the Ways Sheriff Presents Social class for Dramatic Effects in ”Journeys End” Essay Sample

He dies believing that he has served his country and met his hero. When he looks to Stanhope for guidance, he is ignored and the audience finally realise that Stanhope kind and helpful nature has completely changed due to the war. First comes the war, the pain and the suffering, after that the soldiers then are trying to go back to their old life and to piece themselves together after they have been in the fighting zone.

Throughout the play there is one conflicting moment within the hierarchy of characters where, for example, Trotter looks down upon Hibbert who is actually of a higher class than himself. We are, in a way the narrator as we are in their minds. They tell the different stories of war using flashbacks, hallucinations, stage directions, deaths, and both physical and mental states.

Pat Barker, on the other hand, shows a significant interest in matters of social division, in the war and considers the situation of a character, such as Prior a young man of a working class origin who entered the war as an officer and has to face the prejudices of those from more privileged backgrounds.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Dr Rivers finds himself changing and transforming his attitude to war, through speaking with his patients and hearing their horrific tales.

Barker reveals the idea that war exposes a lot of inner and personal fear that then comes to the surface. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

C Sherriff has presented his play in order to create a presentation of dramatic affects; where the viewers are then draw to consider the social division, in comparison to Pat Barkers interest in social class.

Search our thousands of essays: In the war everyone back at home thought of soldiers as heroes, men who fought for their country and lived or died trying. They then go on to have a discussion about good fish.

The novel is written to take the audience through after war effects as the novel is about officers who have been sent to a mental health hospital as they suffer from war neurosis. Both writers focus on the mental effects of war and how damaging these can be on the emotional behaviour of the men.

Throughout the play we gain an insight of the shared background between officers such as Raleigh and Stanhope. This breaks the tension and adds humor, for instance when he describes the stew made by a former cook: Sheriff was unable to show the horror of was as well as Barker as he was writing a play and so had to write it for stage and also he wrote it in a different era.

C Sherriff has presented other characters, such as Trotter for example, who is considered as an, unintelligent character, who cannot appreciate the finer and more sophisticated things in life. Billy prior feels of his experience through the hypnosis treatment, as he cannot speak and is paralysed because of events that happened to him in the war.

He believes in helping the soldiers from their disability and war neurosis however he knows that once the soldiers are better they have to go right back onto the front line in effect placing the soldiers right back into the world which they have just recovered from visiting.

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Stanhope comforts him but in a way he is forgetting his own feelings by concentrating on others. However, Sherriff does not seem particularly interested in exploring issues of social division.

Raleigh, a new lieutenant, is also shocked by the experience of fighting.3 Introduction This education pack has been designed to support your visit to see Journeys End at The Watermill Theatre in The pack is aimed primarily at those studying Drama or.

Effects of War Presented in 'Journey's End' Compared with Impact of War Shown in 'Strange Meeting' Words Jan 2nd, 7 Pages Explore the ways in which the effects of war on the individual are presented in ‘Journey’s End’.

The Reality of War Exposed in Journeys End by R.C Sheriff - The Reality of War Exposed in Journeys End by R.C Sheriff In the play “Journey’s end” R.C Sherrif recreates the tremendous stress and fear by the men at the front in the First World War.

Essay: 'Journeys End' by RC Sheriff, Question: ‘Human beings can only be pushed so far before they begin to crack.’ Compare and contrast the ways in which your chosen writers present the horror of war and the psychology effects of war wrought on soldiers.

Journey's End revision. Journeys end was Sherriffs. 7th play and was the first to be successful. How does Sherriff show that he knows what horrors the characters will face. He was wounded in the war himself in in France.

Psychological effects of war on different personalities.

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The effects of war in the play journeys end
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