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To exemplify, he cited that hormones, brain structure, genetic and biological factors all contribute to higher levels of chronic pain for women that often go undiagnosed Thompson. Sex, however, refers to a biological characteristic that makes someone female or someone male.

Those are people who like to dress like the opposite sex. SKR As the age-old debate continues, here are six scientifically proven facts about the relative strengths of men and women. They are biologically determined.

Society as Gender Role Determinant Socialization is the process by which individuals learn to differentiate between what society regards as acceptable and unacceptable behavior and act in a manner that is appropriate for the needs of the society.

For example, boys are often encouraged to become strong, fast, aggressive, dominant, and achieving, while traditional roles for girls are to be sensitive, intuitive, passive, emotional, and interested in the things of home and Sex vs gender essay.

Years ago I could have said that if a person is a police officer, a soldier, a fireman, a politician, a lawyer, a doctor or any type of highly paid professional than that person must be a man. Only the sexual and reproductive organs are different and all other organs are the Sex vs gender essay.

As a result, many women did not have high school educations and never held jobs; instead, they quite happily raised families and supported their husbands by keeping their households running smoothly.

Nearly a century later, this gender role is no longer the norm or at least not the only acceptable norm and sounds quite constricting to our more educated, career-oriented 21st-century ears. Gender refers to the socio-cultural definition of men and women, the language society uses to distinguish between them.

Sometimes, however, the old attitudes return after the crisis as women ex-combatants in liberation struggles have found. Typically, a male is perceived as a boy or a man, where boy and man are social terms with associated cultural expectations attached.

There are even people who are born with both a male organ and female organs. In general terms, "sex" refers to the biological differences between males and females, such as the genitalia and genetic differences.

As culture is dynamic, and socio-economic conditions change over time, so gender patterns change with them. There are women politicians, lawyers, doctors, ministers, etc. Race, class, economic circumstances, age etc. Because pain is highly influenced by endorphins and other chemicals in the body, women may have more variability in terms of how strongly they experience pain.

Identity and expression Historically, the terms "sex" and "gender" have been used interchangeably, but their uses are becoming increasingly distinct, and it is important to understand the differences between the two.

Ultimately, women are not weaker than men with respect to pain, they just have to deal with more of it. To this end, it has been suggested that androgynous gender roles in which both females and males are expected to display either expressive emotion-oriented or instrumental goal-oriented behaviors as called for by the situation may be better for both the individual and the society in many ways.

Every culture has different ways of evaluating men and women and assigning roles and responsibilities. Despite the fact that men were native hunters and women gatherers, recent research suggests that men have many more inherent weaknesses than women.

Primary sexual characteristics comprise the female or male reproductive organs i. Certain traits may get mixed up when dealing with people who like to cross dress.

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From this fact it is easy if not necessarily logical to assume that biology is destiny and, therefore, women and men have certain unalterable roles in society—for example, that women are the keepers of home and hearth because of their reproductive role, while men are the protectors and providers because of their relatively greater size and strength.

Gender is a tricky term to define. However, women have higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, and men have higher levels of testosterone. Gender refers to the psychological, social, cultural, and behavioral characteristics associated with being female or male.

The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl. Nonetheless, it is clear that men are subject to trials that extend much further than just hormones and pain thresholds; moreover, this further exemplifies the issues with characterizing women as a weaker sex in society.In order to answer the question above this essay will discuss in depth what exactly sex is and what gender is and the differences between the two terms.

The research carried out will display that we live in a patriarchal society without a doubt as we look at how gender links to inequality in society. This essay on gender roles and stereotypes was written in defense of women. Learn why many of the preconceived beliefs society has about women are false.

Turner published an article that compared men and women on a few physical traits and found that women are the weaker sex based on her criteria (Turner). Genetic data vs.

sociocultural 4/5(12). This essay will relate sex in comparison to gender and eventually how the latter develops. The term "sex" refers to the genetic makeup, internal reproductive organs and the organization of the brain of individuals that distinguish them as male or female.

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Sex and gender: What is the difference?

The term sex refers to biological and physiological characteristics, while gender refers to behaviors, roles, expectations, and activities within society.

Essay: The Difference Between Sex and Gender In today’s society sex and gender seem to have two separate connotative meanings.

Sex is a more scientific term that .

Sex vs gender essay
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