Periyar pollution

All the families in the urban and rural areas have to be provided with sanitary toilets that would avoid the mommies wastes to enter rivers Upton a certain level. Longitudinal pollution has been continues to be major factor causing the degradation of the environment around us,affecting the water we use, the air we breathe and the soil we live on.

Its western border is the clearly demarcated scarp face of the Ghats descending to the plains of Thodupuzha.

The industries take large amounts of fresh water from the Periyar and in turn discharge concentrated toxic effluents after little treatment. Since the commissioning of the Idukki project intail-race water between Many parts of the area are directly connected to the backwaters with a network of canals.

The church is dedicated to St. The landscape on the Periyar Plateau portion of Elephant Reserve 10 maintains the most intact elephant range in Southern India. Death due to asthma is up by 2. Several species of birds, both forest birds as well as the water birds visit the sanctuary.

In people took direct action against the industries by blocking a stream into which effluents are dumped. The plant located adjacent to a wetland apparently discharges its effluents to an open creek. Chances that children may die due to birth defects have increased 3.

Periyar Pollution

Environmental issues Pollution The lower reaches of the Periyar are heavily polluted. From the biodiversity value, this unit is of special importance because of its specialized high altitude flora and fauna. Gas emissions let in to the air include acid mists.

There were no sufficient information regarding the removal of sludge. Toxins from industry, agriculture and domestic waste poison river wildlife while nutrients from the same sources promote algal blooms, depleting the water of oxygen. The pollution comes from industry, agriculture and domestic waste.

Death due to Bronchitis at Eloor is up by 3. Alt is ultimately up to us,to be informed,responsible and involved when it comes to the problems we face with our water. Now, I get only Rs 50 a day. Its eastern border is the main Anamalai ridge.

It has a rich and varied birdlife. Extensive damage of payday fields and other farm lands in the area. Kerala states that the Periyar is an intrastate river since no part of it flows through Tamil Nadu.

Curb Industrial Pollution in the Periyar River

Different water shed management technique familiarized among the public and voluntary organization. It seems the government is finding it difficult to act on some of the important recommendations by Grrenpeace and the Periyar Malineekarana Virudha Samithy on the basis of scientific studies.

The original forest was mostly of the Shola-Grassland type.

Unchecked pollution on the Periyar

The length-width ratio is 6: Thomas and the imprint of the feet of the Apostle on a rock. North of this ridge, the Cardamom Hills extend up to the high Munnar saddle. The drain from the unit to Periyar was found cleaned.

Highest concentration of toxic substance is found at condominium Thou.The peppier river is the longest river in the state of kraal in India.

The length of peppier is km. Alt is also known as “The life line of kraal”. The sources of the peppier is in the savaging hills of Western Ghats range in Tamil Nadia.

Annum flow of river is 1 [ ]. of pollution in the Lower Reaches of Periyar River Introduction Kerala, with an inimitable physiography, monsoon climate, variable land use pattern, is endowed with highly diverse and plentiful bounty of aquatic habitats.

The inland water.

Periyar pollution: probe begins

KOCHI: The Periyar river turned dark brown near the Pathalam regulator on Tuesday, amidst growing concerns of water billsimas.comnmentalists alleged that the colour of water changed due to excessive discharge of pollutants from an industrial unit functioning in the area.

As with many of India’s waterways, the Periyar river of Kerala in southwest India is under constant threat from pollution. Towards the mouth of the river, the levels of pollution are staggering, with the habitat packed with lethal toxins such as.

The people, especially the middle class, aren’t really seized of the gravity and direness of the pollution that has turned the lifeline of Ernakulam, the Periyar river, into a. Unchecked pollution on the Periyar Environmental activists and locals in Kerala's Ernakulam region allege with evidence that the Pollution Control Board is entirely ineffective in preventing contamination of the Periyar river.

M Suchitra reports.

Periyar pollution
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