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At times the futureless growth benefits the industrialised countries at the cost of increased pressure on the poor people of the developing countries.

It was jobless growth, since the economy grew but did not expand the opportunities for employment for large sections of the population. If the scales of human development do not finely balance the two sides; considerable human frustration may result. Again, fast economic growth is also achieved in some countries at the cost of destruction of forests, polluting rivers, destroying bio-diversity and depleting natural resources.

Economic growth, that is, the increase in production GDP is necessary but not sufficient for human development. In principle, these choices can be infinite and change over time.

If these essential choices are not available many other opportunities remain inaccessible. At places the dominant majority culture amplifies at the cost of marginalisation of the minority cultures. There have been regional imbalances. He does not deny that economic prosperity should be the major goal of planning and policy making.

Development: Essay on Human Development

To him, the objective of development is to remove obstacles such as illiteracy, ill-health, poverty, lack of access to resources or lack of civil and political freedom. The voiceless growth process also provides women a marginal role in economic development. In this futureless growth, the present generation squanders resources needed by the future generation.

They are concerned with the supply side. Essay on Human Development Article shared by: UNDP depicts two sides of human development: This is, however, only an intermediate goal to contribute to the ultimate goal of development, i.

The Human Development Approach to development is different from the conventional approaches development, i. But at all levels of development, the three essential ones are there for people a to lead a long and healthy life, b to acquire knowledge and c to have access Human development thesis resources needed for a decent standard of Human development thesis.

The human welfare approach visualises people only as passive recipients of benefits of development and not as its participants. Its focus must be people. Here the central purpose of development is to improve human lives, i.

According to him; development must be perceived as a vital process of expanding real freedom that people enjoy. It has also been a voiceless growth as in many places it has not ensured the process of democratic participation of the people in decision-making processes.

The human development approach puts equal emphasis on the production and distribution of resources, expansion and use of human capabilities, scope of choice, livelihood security, participatory process, and social, economic and political freedom.

This developmental process has been rendered ruthless by the fact that the fruits of economic growth have mostly benefited the rich; while millions of people stagnate in poverty. All these indeed emphases a paradigm shift in the social development strategy of the State. The basic needs approach aims to satisfy the basic minimum needs, i.

The gap in per capita income between the industrial and developing world trebled. The UNDP has voiced its concern against the jobless, ruthless, voiceless, rootless and fortuneless growth in the late s. The theories of human capital formation and human resources development consider the human being as a means and not as an end.

As per him, expansion of real income and economic growth are not necessarily characteristics of successful development as countries with high GDP and per capita income at times have low achievements in the quality of life.Human Development and Family Science MA or MS This degree option is available for students interested in the advanced study of human development and family science.

Both thesis (MS) and non-thesis (MA) options are. Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Janice Alleyne BSHS May 13, Sandra Knepp The Foundations of Human Development in the Social Environment Introduction) Human development is the biological, psychological, and social process that a human being must go through to reach full maturity.

- Theoretical Framing of Positive Youth Development: Relational Developmental Systems Theory and Life Course Theory The concept of positive youth development (PYD) originates from developmental scientists’ interests in the innate, albeit, relative plasticity of human development and the importance of the continuous relationship between the.

The scientific study of human development seeks to understand and explain how and why people change throughout life. What are the factors impacting on the wellbeing of the human? This includes all aspects of human growth, including physical, emotional, intellectual, social and personal development.

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Thesis Statement. argumentative. compare and contrast 2, words. 5 pages. An Introduction to the Political, Social and Economical Development of Human Beings. 1, words.

2 pages. The Study of Depression and Its Relationship to the Human Development. 1, words. The Six Stages of Human Development Illustrated in .

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