Hofstede s cultural dimensions 3 countries essay

If applied properly, an understanding of cultural dimensions should increase success in negotiations and reduce frustration and conflicts.

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First, his mother had died and he was arranging for the funeral. Ethnocentrism Another issue that stands out in intercultural communication is the attitude stemming from Ethnocentrism.

Nordic countries exhibit low masculinity, with Sweden and Norway scoring 5 and 8 respectively. It was also noticed during the project that if individuals ever voiced their opinions, they preferred not to express opinions that conflicted with what others had expressed. These levels are overlooked often because of the nature of the construction of these levels.

A higher degree of the Index indicates that hierarchy is clearly established and executed in society, without doubt or reason. But since the chief was not there, the members expressed disinterest, which the engineer interpreted as lethargy.

It is impossible to refer to "a Hispanic-American perspective" or to "a single Latino culture". On the contrary, the engineer came from a culture where the power distance index is low, with flatter power structures, wherein the authority and subordinates worked on more or less equal terms.

However, the term "Latino" does not include individuals from Spanish-speaking countries outside of Latin America e. As companies try to adapt their products and services to local habits and preferences they have to understand the specificity of their market.

Yet, unlike race or national origin, ethnicity is a sociological construct highly correlated with behavioral and cultural phenomena, particularly language, dress, adornment, food preference, religion, social interaction, marriage and family customs.

But, as one approaches the internalizing and evaluation levels, the overlapping areas approach totality. Like the power index, the individualism and collectivism surveys scatter countries according to predictable economic and demographic patterns Triandis, [ full citation needed ], so they might not really inform us at all about any particular organizational dynamic, nor do they inform about the organizational and individual variations within similar socio-economic circumstances.

So far as the individualism index is concerned, a substantial gap exists between Eastern and less developed countries on one hand and Western and developed countries on the other. In the scores for this dimension have been extended to 93 countries thanks to the research of Michael Minkov who used the recent World Values Survey.

However, this lady was reluctant to voice any opinion regarding this, as she felt that her own well-being was not so much significant considering the entire group.

Self-expression and individualism increase with economic growth Inglehart,independent of any culture, and they are vital in small populations faced with outside competition for resources. Quantitative assessment instruments[ edit ].

Even if country indices were used to control for wealth, latitude, population size, density and growth, privileged males working as engineers or sales personnel in one of the elite organizations of the world, pioneering one of the first multinational projects in history, cannot be claimed to represent their nations.

Intercultural competence

With ethnocentric attitudes, those incapable to expand their view of different cultures could create conflict between groups. Emphasis on reciprocation of gifts, favors, and greetings; Negative association with economic growth.

When interacting with people from other cultures, the individual experiences certain obstacles that are caused by differences in cultural understanding between two people from different cultures.

With regard to individualism, Mediterranean countries tend to be characterized by moderate levels of individualistic behavior. September Learn how and when to remove this template message Hofstede acknowledges that the cultural dimensions he identified, as culture and values, are theoretical constructions.

International students also face this issue: Schwartz controlled his value data with GNP and a social index, leading to his proposal of differentiated individual and nation indices of itemized values Schwartz, ; for cross-cultural comparison.

However, this does not take into consideration that in countries with high power distance and collectivistic cultures, direct feedback is regarded as disrespectful and disgraceful. The ability to perceive them and to cope with them is fundamental for intercultural competence.

However, when the project was drawing to an end, the chief showed a temporary loss of interest due to two reasons. For example, the cultural model of the Mediterranean countries is dominated by high levels of acceptance of inequalities, with uncertainty aversion influencing their choices.

Understanding Cultures & People with Hofstede Dimensions

Second, he had an affair with a girl in a neighboring village and was more inclined to meet her than perform his duties. Individualism is positively correlated with mobility and national wealth.

A society that practices indulgence makes room for the comparatively free gratification of natural and basic human drives pertaining to indulging in fun and enjoying life. In other words, they still recognize a gap between male and female values.Dealing with multicultural human resources in a socially responsible manner: a focus on the maritime industry.

with that of Japan.

Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory

How would business negotiations. They apply Hofstede’s () first four dimensions to their research, but replace Orientation with Confucian Dynamism, from their conclusions relating to Confucian principles aiding the Five Dragons’ rise in the global economy.

and Confucian Way. Learning about both countries. Published: Mon, 5 Dec This chapter is divided into two sections. The first section defines culture, its importance in international business and the various cultural dimensions for working globally.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. The Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies (JIBCS) publishes original, unpublished manuscripts related to international business, global economics, transnational cultural relations and societal issues as they affect international business.

Manuscripts from a broad range of topics are appropriate for consideration in JIBCS providing the focus of the work is affect on. The theory of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions constitutes a framework revolving around cross-cultural communication, which was devised by Geert Hofstede.

The dimensions collectively portray the impact of the culture ingrained in society on the values of the members of that society. They also describe the relationship between these values and behavior, with the help of a structure based on.

Hofstede s cultural dimensions 3 countries essay
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