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These resorts depend on grant aid and their own initiatives to reverse the decline in tourism. What proof may be used to decide who gets a card? In the past, the opposition has been strong and bipartisan and has always prevailed. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The town fought a losing battle in the 70s when package holidays really took off.

While to some extent recent trends would support the view that seaside towns are a national resource and do have a future, given the large number of alternative holiday venues abroad and Halt and show your papers essay continues fall in real costs of overseas travel, the traditional seaside Halt and show your papers essay is unlikely to regain its former position as a magnet for mass domestic tourism.

Police authorities in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom have stated their reluctance to administer a compulsory card that might erode relations with the public. Most critics of a national ID card mention Hitler, police stops, and personal privacy to argue against the proposal.

Card systems have been instituted to control the threat of insurgents or political extremists, to facilitate religious discrimination, to enforce quota systems, and to allow for social engineering. While social and economic problems still persist elsewhere, there are reasons for optimism.

Morecambe still has thousands of visitors every year and is marketing itself as a place for bird-watching, while many parts of the town have been remodelled through multimillion-pound schemes.

The equilibrium point has shifted [as a result of September 11 ]7 Most disturbingly, recent Pew Research Center and Harris polls show strong support for a national ID card by those polled: The national ACLU provides one of the most succinct summaries of the rights issues by boiling down the debate to five major reasons why a national ID card will keep us neither safe nor free: Much of the decline has been blamed on the expansion of mass overseas tourism to locations popularised by tour operators through package holiday marketing, including the expansion of charter flights.

Robert Ellis Smith, a lawyer and privacy specialist, says the push for a national ID card is based on the false belief that there can be a simple, high-tech solution to an immensely complex problem.

Inthe Federal Advisory Committee on False Identification rejected the idea of a national identifier. Experiences have been pooled and ways of regenerating coastal resorts explored. Initially Morecambe lost many of its tourist attractions and the guest houses turned into houses of multiple occupation filled with benefits claimants.

Halt and show your papers!. Not to mention that the company is most gratifying. Law enforcement and other government agencies would soon ask to link into it, while employers, landlords, credit agencies, mortgage brokers, telemarketers, private investigators, civil litigants, and a long list of other parties would begin seeking access, further eroding the privacy that people have always expected in their personal lives.

Others, such as resorts like Skegness and Scarborough are less accessible and have less potential to attract much alternative growth. CopyrightGale Group. However, not many people like to go to crowded places for their holidays. While such a system cannot protect us from terrorism it would create a system of internal passports that would significantly diminish the freedom and privacy of law-abiding citizens.

Those problems still exist but thanks to the regeneration initiatives things are changing and people want to live there again and the future looks bright. This is a classic victory of freedom over "Big Brother. The usefulness of ID cards to law enforcement has been marginal.

A modern national ID system will: Package holidays, and later budget airlines, provided major competition but the real problem was the seaside resorts were mainly Victorian and after the war they had a huge surge in demand which exceeded supply. A national ID system would threaten the privacy that Americans have always enjoyed and gradually increase the control that government and business wields over everyday citizens.

One of the towns which endured a typically tough experience was Morecambe in Lancashire. Who uses ID cards now? It took three years of hard work, but we finally laid this disturbing idea to rest. Flood defence and coastal erosion are also very expensive and mean that the government has little money to spend on the resort itself leaving it to go downhill.

Terrorists and criminals will continue to be able to obtain--by legal and illegal means--the documents needed to get a government ID, such as a birth certificate.

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In conjunction with the local authorities, North West Water Authority have undertaken a clean up of the coastal stretch fronting Blackpool, while, with the help of a government grant of?

Once put in place, it is exceedingly unlikely that such a system would be restricted to its original purpose. Retrieved Sep 12 from https: For example, the original Social Security Act contained strict prohibitions against using Social Security cards for unrelated purposes, but those strictures have been routinely ignored and steadily abandoned over the past fifty years.

Can ID cards help to control illegal immigration? ID cards would foster new forms of discrimination and harassment.

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