Flash of light in the my story of how it came tumbling down from its peak

Thus I was assured that I had not really projected anywhere.

The time I saw the patterns most distinctly, I was also tossing about in the air. There is what looks like a dark night sk y or a moonlit night sky. After launching a satellite, most rocket bodies continue to orbit Earth for weeks, months or even years.

But instead of hanging down from the bar, it stuck out from the bar towards me. The flares come from these antennas. Click here if you want more. Each contained its own pattern.

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Although I may spin about while I see a disk, it maintains a fixed location before my eyes. The effect is as though this intense light is sitting in the left corner of my left eye.

The color is uniform and clear. This may produce some peculiar flashes, which might be visible from Earth. Ordinary dreams, lucid dreams, and mystical experience.

Camera-like light flashes experiences.

The extra brightness and clarity are often noted during the dream itself. Altered states of consciousness pp. I am usually falling or floating when I see the sun and am greatly exhilarated. The diameter of the spot is about 10 kilometers, or about six miles.

When lucid, I often choose to close my dreamed eyes, and my view becomes dark. Sparrow mentions seeing a moon at times in lucid dreams and has re-ported that once one appeared to move. Areas of bright light. A prominent characteristic of lucid dreams is that they are often much brighter and clearer than ordinary dreams.

As I projected through space, stomach downward, I watched a large square of light to my left. It appears in a variety of sizes.

Whereas the milder appear-ances of the sun seem to be "out there," in the fullness of light a vivid white fire appears to come upon me and surround me.

It then appears to descend to a place high before me, and I am overcome by light. How does it happen? They may be points of light, small lines, a crack of light, or other forms.

At night, when only the bedroom window has light, the shape of the lit window may become a part of the dream, presenting the general perspective in the dream that is given to my sleeping eyes. After this I noticeably woke up.

Magnification may confirm that the object is indeed moving slightly instead of remaining static. Naturally, no such distances can be involved. Normally I see these after eliminating the visual dream envi-ronment and starting to float, fall or fly in the dark or blankness.

A rather interesting sighting is a flash that appears to come from a static point in the sky. I willed it to change into something, but I had not decided what to change it to. The basic difference between lucid dreaming and ordinary dreaming is that in lucid dreaming I know I am dreaming, and in ordinary dreaming I do not.

It may appear to be the sky and may vary from almost dark to very bright. The scenes were unre-lated to the dream in which I had closed my eyes. They appear to be something else happening in the visual field.

The sun varies in size and intensity, often seeming to be at a distance. In either case there was no noise or any other stimulus that I could sense other than these bright flashes. Nothing major, but still odd enough to be paranormal.

This has usually been on the left side of my view. Drug-induced hallucinations in animals and man.Feb 24,  · I am glad to have found this thread as I experienced this for the first time about two weeks ago.

I was lust settling in to bed and had just turned my fishtank light off so the room was dark. Suddenly this bright bluish-white flash of light went off. It seemed just like a camera flash actually. That is how I described it as well. hi im suffering from a painfull headache that came and went yesterday, but today its come back literally bang its suddenly there its on the right over th top of my head paracetomals not worked but its.

Depending on the location and perspective of the observer, the erratic flashes of the rocket body from a geosynchronous satellite might appear to originate from an apparent static place in the sky. This rare occurrence is possible if the reflecting rocket body is more or less moving towards, or more or less departing, Earth as it pursues its stretched-out.

Dec 31,  · It is a quick flash of light in the bottom portion of my right eye. It has been going on since 12/31/ for me because I remember that it started as I went to the last meeting of the year regarding Y2K. Jun 07,  · (The picaresque incidents grow too far-fetched as well, culminating with an exhumation in a boneyard one dark and stormy night.) Nevertheless, the movie has its own low-grade integrity, with brief flashes emanating from Macready, Chapman, Bromberg and Buchanan.

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Flash of light in the my story of how it came tumbling down from its peak
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