Factors that affect workers productivity

Over time, other factors such as research and development and innovative effort, the development of human capital through education, and incentives from stronger competition promote the search for productivity improvements and the ability to achieve them.

The management should have a proper knowledge about the government rules and regulations. Additional resources are also attracted into production and can be profitably employed. This ignorance covers many components, some wanted like the effects of technical and organizational innovationothers unwanted measurement error, omitted variables, aggregation bias, model misspecification HultenHaving an effective or knowledgeable supervisor for example a supervisor who uses the Management by objectives method has an easier time motivating their employees to produce more in quantity and quality.

If the organization uses the latest technology, then its productiveness will be high. The management should see that they get proper returns on the capital which is invested in the business. Many companies have formal programs for continuously improving productivity, such as a production assurance program.

Females, on the other hand, have a somewhat poorer circulation to the extremities due to the fact that their blood mostly pools around core organs.

How Temperature Affects Productivity

GDP per capita is a rough measure of average living standards or economic well-being and is one of the core indicators of economic performance. For this reason GDP is systematically biased in favour of capital intensive production at the expense of knowledge and labour-intensive production.

For this purpose was needed Total Productivity concept. Competition improves productivity by creating incentives to innovate and ensures that resources are allocated to the most efficient firms.

Finance is the life-blood of modem business. Kue Ikoro, encouraged staff to make adequate and proper use of the training to improve on their performance and efficiency. An employee who has an effective supervisor, motivating them to be more productive is likely to experience a new level of job satisfaction thereby becoming a driver of productivity itself.

He pointed out that the workshop would energise staff to perform their duties optimally and also enhance their career growth. They should develop better relations with employees and trade unions. For example, the following: In truth, proper planning and procedures are more likely to help than anything else.

However, the quality of hours-worked estimates is not always clear. Productivity is directly proportional to the organizational factors. A simple type of organization should be used. There should be a better control over both fixed capital and working capital. Denominator of the ratio of labour productivity, the input measure is the most important factor that influences the measure of labour productivity.

The perm sec said the training was to expose workers to discipline, financial management, life after retirement, public service rules, among others. Opinion or suggestions of workers should be given importance.

The more capital workers have at their disposal, generally the better they are able to do their jobs, producing more and better quality output.

Both over and under utilization of capital should be avoided. The Toyota Way Business productivity[ edit ] Productivity is one of the main concerns of business management and engineering.

It also forces existing firms to organise work more effectively through imitations of organisational structures and technology. The matter is subject to a continuing debate that has grown beyond questioning whether just computers can significantly increase productivity to whether the potential to increase productivity is becoming exhausted.

The calculations of productivity of a nation or an industry are based on the time series of the SNA, System of National Accounts. The line and staff relationships should also be clearly defined.

When we subtract from the output the intermediate inputs we obtain the value-added. Productivity of organization is directly related to personnel factors. The right individual should be selected for suitable posts. Authority and Responsibility of every individual and department should be defined properly.

Lawson Ikuru has stressed the need to better equip staff of his ministry through relevant training so as to enhance their productivity. They should be properly motivated; financially, non-financially and with positive incentives. TFP measures the residual growth that cannot be explained by the rate of change in the services of labour and capital.

Incentive wage policies should be introduced.


This goes for both too hot and too cold. These include proper location, layout and size of the plant and machinery, correct design of machines and equipment, research and development, automation and computerization, etc.FACTORS AFFECTING EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY IN THE UAE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY NABIL AILABOUNI A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the.

The following factors affect a person’s productivity: Knowledge and skills: The raw talent and capability a person has to perform a particular task Prior experience: A person’s familiarity with the work and the typical problems of a particular task.

Perm Sec Harps On Staff Training, Productivity

The factors affecting your productivity One major contributor to productivity levels is workplace design. Research has found that factors such as light, color, sound and temperature can have an effect on productivity and focus.

Engaging the work force and measuring their perceptions of productivity, identifying the overarching factors and addressing the most significant factors, may not only lead to improvement in motivation and overall project performance, but may also help attract or retain more craft workers in.

Sep 26,  · The training workshop featured paper presentations on Financial Management Procudure and Preparing for Retirement by Mr.

Jones Philip and Organisational Factors Affecting Work and Security Consciousness in the Civil Service by Gwarah, Nuka Lekia. 2 days ago · Various studies claim to have found the optimal work temperature, only to be disputed by a new study with new finds. In fact, the issue of how temperature affects productivity is so subjective that a different sample group of test subjects is bound to give different results.

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Factors that affect workers productivity
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