Essay about first love by john clare

The two of them have a connection so strong that words verbally spoken are not necessary. This stanza comes to a transitional close with burning blood around his heart, meaning that his first love has hurt him.

The last two lines mean that his heart has left its place, meaning she was gone; could also be his heart was not there anymore to feel another love; a use of personification. The fifth and sixth line means the he will never be able to see another love as sweet as her.

The first line unites itself to the title, because the poet mentions: This can be transcribed as a young lady growing up to be a woman.

The poet mainly talks about how tragic he had felt about love; the first love that had no future. He conveys his message by using lots of metaphors, hyperboles and similes, which will reinforce his ideas and make the ways he expresses stronger, giving us an impact of different feelings.

He was having an immediate connection, speaking to her through his eyes. More essays like this: This pain feels, to him, like someone ripped his heart from his chest.

Clare conveys his message through the rhythm and through the distinct beats of the iambic pentameter. The passion and meaning placed in this poem expresses clearly how John Clare feels about his first, last, and only love.

First Love by John Clare Essay Sample

The poem is structured with a rhyming scheme of every other line in an abab pattern. This is the change everyone goes through when falling in love. The poet is very descriptive, and uses alliteration to give the sentence a soft sound of love, for example: He continues to support this with saying how it is sudden and sweet.

At the one of the third stanza he mentions that she took is heart, and can return it no more. At the beginning of the stanza, Clare starts by writing down the thought he heard while he saw her.

First Love by John Clare

The poet also uses a lot of personification throughout the entire poem, for example: In the third stanza, by the way the poet writes we can tell a sudden touch of sadness.

The implication here is that it is young first love. In stanza three, refers to the confusion, doubt and sorrow he was feeling.

This poem, as we can see, is an irregular poem because it starts off with a happy feeling about love, how it can impact us and make us feel joy.

I believe that the feelings he places in this poem helps readers relate more than other poems; probably making this one of the most relatable poems ever to a general audience.

Then, it gets blood-stained with sorrow and pain, since he cannot be with her; it shows us the agony felt when our first love cannot come to be.

The last two lines of this stanza, represents when she looks at him, he could do nothing but melt and molded towards being with her. This tells us that he heard Cupids, the little angels romantically playing the violin.

Stanza one refers to the happiness and joy he felt when he had seen and met that new love. He ends the poem with a line meaning he can never love again.

A majority of people have been blinded by love.

First Love John Clare Analysis

The next two lines express how she took his heart and took his breath away; turning him pale. In conclusion, this poem is a perfect hopeless romantic poem that tells the story of meeting a first love, the connection and being with the person, and finally the end of the first love.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. John Clare writes about how he falls in love for the first time and his perspective from the first meeting to the end. Their connection is translated through words from his eyes. The poet explains what happens to him when he falls in love for the first time, and how his world and perspective view changes.

The mention of his eyes and chords translate to being able to see the love in his eyes so strong it speaks and sings of his heart.Analysis of 'First Love' by John Clare - with all literary devices used by the poet and underlying themes within the poem.

The second verse begins with an image of new life when 'the blood rushed. Free Essay: John Clare was a poor agricultural labour born in England,however he was later discovered for his talent in writing poems and he spent the.

First Love by John Clare Essay Sample. This is an anthology of thoughts on First Love by John Clare, brainstormed version, not classified. The poem “First Love” is about John Clare falling in love for the first time. First love is a poem, which encapsulates the experience the poet has falling in love for the first time.

It is rejoicing the love he attained for a woman. First Love “First Love” by John Clare is a poem that explains something that everyone will usually endure in his or her life; the emotional journey of falling in love for the first time.

The brief 24 line poem attacks the emotions of the reader and lures the reader into the poem by envisioning or reminiscing of the reader’s first love.

John Clare was a poor agricultural labour born in England,however he was later discovered for his talent in writing poems and he spent the rest of his life writing powerful, natural poems.

The poem “First Love” was written by John Clare around ′s about his first love, Mary was the daughter of a wealthy farmer, who forbade John .

Essay about first love by john clare
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