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The triage nurse must have advanced skill and experience. The ER nurse does a lot of teaching to pts who come in to the ER, especially to those who are not admitted to the hospital.

Humor alleviates the tension of all the people in the emergency room, and it creates a stronger sense of family for the staff that work in the emergency room.

Because of the large quantity of people in the emergency room at any given time, humor is a necessity for all individuals in the ER. It is evident that none of the team members are willing to admit defeat.

Descriptive Essay – Emergency Room Essay Sample

One lady was dehydrated from nausea and had severe orthostatic hypotension. Inside the emergency room, I took care of a patient who was admitted for food poisoning.

This descriptive essay sample was completed according to our requirements. In the ER pt care is coordinated by use of team work. One nurse begins to ventilate the patient, while another is setting up oxygen and suction devices.

I think the pt just was looking for an excuse to get out of work. Then I hear the voice of the woman in the room with me. It will be a great opportunity for you to gain some experience in wound care," he says. As a nurse you must be able to accurately interpret the information from these monitors and use it along with your senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing to successfully treat your patient.

There are no adverse consequences for the dummy if a mistake is made. Because of these negative aspects, ER work is very difficult, and many people who work in this environment eventually want out. They come and go as if they are hockey players entering and leaving the ice while the game action never slows down.

There are machines to monitor cardiac output, arterial blood pressure, and central venous pressure. Even though the hospital personnel make effort to organize themselves, the large number of people that kept on streaming in every minute presents a challenge.

Descriptive Paragraph about a Hospital Emergency Room

I swear the weekends just fly by way too fast. Pay only for approved parts Descriptive Paragraph about a Hospital Emergency Room Posted on October 5, by EssayShark The hospital emergency room is a primary care department responsible for preliminary management of patients with an extensive span of injuries and illnesses.

After the initial assessment focus charting is done. With a stronger staff unit, the ER runs more smoothly and can treat the maximum number of patients that it can. I got to see some interesting cases. Welcome to the emergency room, Greg. Decisions that are made in the clinical setting can have very real consequences for the patient.

The ER has special emergency services protocol sheets that are referred to as pts come in to tell the nurse what would be done for each pt in specific situations, for example: Practicing in the Emergency Department has expanded my knowledge and will help me in the years to come.Descriptive Essay – Emergency Room Essay Sample.

With a little bit of laughter in the workplace, all the individuals that come into contact with the emergency room experience a lightened mood, even in the most awful situations. A little laughter is the best medicine, and this saying most certainly applies to the emergency room of a.

This article is an essay chronicling my first clinical experience in an emergency room.

The Role of and Emergency Room Nurse Essay

When entering the clinical setting everything takes My Journey into Nursing "You. The emergency room is a hospital or primary care department that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad span of illnesses and injuries. In the ER there is a vast array of people caring for a patient including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and surgeons.

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During the last quarter of the 20th century, training and experience in preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters and hazardous incidents were considered the path to becoming an emergency manager; the title was not always there but the.

I used to wonder what happens inside the Emergency Room of hospitals, what it would be like for a patient, for a doctor, and most especially for a nurse.

Observing a rotation in the Emergency Department at Beth Israel Medical Center was a life changing experience. Having the opportunity to take part in this rotation made me certain that nursing the career that I want to peruse.

Emergency room experience essay
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