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On Wednesday, We again had a site audit at Mexico Sabanilla. I inputted the datas we have gathered. On Friday, we updated database in the office with my co-OJT students.

On Tuesday, another office work was given to me. Below is the illustration of the database that we were doing for weeks. We checked ACU Aircon functions that is important on each container van maintaining the temperature of the equipments to avoid overheating inside the van.

It is a privilege to be Ece ojt of their OJT program for a student like me to gain knowledge and skills in the field of telecommunications. The On-the-Job Training is a course designed to place students in the industry or company where they are expose to the actual field of work.

Conduct of pre-deployment seminar must be given to OJT Trainees in order to tackle the issues and concerns before the trainees began their work. We had a site selfie for data gathering purpose.

The Ece ojt day, the field operator engineer who was assigned to me was not around. The next day of the training went productive because we were on the field for repairing, testing, and troubleshooting signals for cellsites. I was assigned to Engr. Adjustment with the working environments and with superiors.

After that, both sites went back to normal operation. The next day, I just continue doing and completing database in the office of Smart Communications, Inc. Again, I was assigned to get the azimuth angles of the antennas on the tower.

On the last day of the week, Saturday, from Dau Mabalacat we went to Talang Candaba for trtoubleshooting signal status of the site. Seventh Week, May 11 — May 15, That was a very long day working under the burning heat of the sun. The next day, it was a staying-day at the Smart Office in Dau to continues doing the database.

When everything became okay and done,we drive to Mexico Digitel site for site selfie, checking and listing deficiencies that will be needed for SID.

Lastly, we went to Magalang14 for site selfies, and deficiency cheking. I was just there the whole day doing that. This is the last week of my training. Asperas then tried to cool down the NPU3 instead of replacing it. There are times I hesitate to ask Engr.

That was another learning aside from working in the field. Lately, I enjoyed working for databases. It is the second to the last week of my training. I help them determining the azimuth angle of the antenna and its tilting.

On Tuesday, We had site audit at Porac 9 and Porac 3.

Ece Ojt Narrative Report Summer 2014

We just had 4 site destinations. So, we replaced the rectifier and have repaired the microwave. The site was down because of outage due to high temperature. To enable the students to apply and appreciate the relevance of classroom learning to the actual work setting.Violation of this will merit deductions from the grade of ECE Duties and Responsibilities of a Host Company.

1. Through the immediate supervisor through the human rsource department, ensures that the OJT student undergoes work technical in nature and related to ECE.

2. Ensures a safe working environment for students undergoing OJT.

An ECE student must meet the required minimum exposure of hours and prior to deployment they must submit all documents pertaining his/her application and acceptance for OJT.

ECE OJT Company - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online/5(3). Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Ece Ojt. ABS-CBN Corporation is the Philippines' leading information and entertainment multimedia conglomerate.

The Company is primarily involved in television and radio broadcasting, as well as in the production of television and radio programming for domestic and international audiences and other related businesses.


ECE Apprenticeship

from their immediate superiors/evaluators during OJT and qualitatively interpreted and compared the results of annotations among four engineering programs under study.

B. Participants. The study included the performance appraisal report of engineering students who were enrolled in their OJT from to

Ece ojt
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