Discuss the importance of literature review in research process

Once you select a document for serious reading, you will need to summarize and criticize it. As with artichokes, both the fleshy part of the bracts and the heart are edible. Commonly, problem occurs when delivering it results of disadvantages. Researchers cite all previous research done on a specific topic and detail how such research has been used to develop the current project.

The Importance of Literature Review in Research Writing

April 4, Literature Review Writing Tips Research is made in order to inform people with new knowledge or discovery. In order to do a literature review you will need to spend time reading the literature relevant to the topic you are researching.

They will ask further about the significance of repeating similar research. To provide enough description of the content of the document to enable the reader to decide whether the document is worth reading in its entirety.

During the compilation of your review, you could have noticed how someone else has done similar research on your topic. Banana hearts are used as vegetables in South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine, either raw or steamed with dips or cooked in soups, curries and fried foods.

This review of the literature provides a thorough introduction to the reader on the topic and presents all the analyses and findings of previous studies.

It will provide you with a context in which to place your assignments regardless of the module you are studying. The abstract proper will contain a description of the purpose of the research, the methods used and a short description of the major findings.

The findings of the current research can then be compared and contrasted with previous findings and used as takeoff point for further research. For example, you can use it on the spreading of a pandemic plague, arguing how the old methods of gathering and analyzing the data were inadequate and how modern technology, such as DNA analysis, will help make the same research more accurate.

Students who pursue Bachelor of Commerce usually cover this subject. This will prove that you are not just writing about any random subject but that many others have also poured their thoughts on the topic.

It takes practice to be able to look at a document in the library and determine if it is good enough for you to spend serious time reading it. You can even have literature sources in works such as stories, comments, project, speech, article, novel, poem, essay, program, theory, and others.

These reviews not only help to establish trust with readers, but they also help researchers avoid inadvertent plagiarism. The Importance of Literature Reviews by Dr. Before embarking on higher level research you need to know what has already been written on the subject and the ground it covers.

For small scale projects, like module assignmentsyou will not be expected to provide a definitive account of the state of research in your selected topic. Reviewing related literature helps to understand the significanceof the original information conveyed.

Of course, you have not plagiarized anything from that publication; however, if and when you publish your work, people will be suspicious of your authenticity. What is conducting research? Books, journals, reports, popular media, computer-based material, internal reports, letters, conference proceedings etc.

What is a Literature Review?

You will probably need to read all these when you are constructing a literature review. This process is very important since very often research in the social sciences is multidisciplinary, i. These hints will give you a superficial knowledge about the content of a document, however you will not be able to write a literature review based on superficial knowledge.

And I say banana would easy to be eaten. Given the fundamental nature of providing one, your research paper will be not considered seriously if it is lacking one at the beginning of your paper.

Literature review on is training and development important?

What would most certainly be lacking is the fact that your paper, without the literature review, only contains all of your opinions about the facts that you have discovered through your research.

You might also be able to discuss relevant research carried out in the same topic. How should literature review be done? In short, you could have utilized the time, money, and other resources you have wasted on your research on something else. You should be guided on what to read at least as a starting point by your module coordinator s and seminar tutors however, that is only initial guidance, after that you should be capable of finding your own material.

It is a brief summary of what other researchers already have published on the subject.A good literature review should avoid the temptation of stressing the importance of a particular research program.

Importance of Literature Review

The fact that a researcher is undertaking the research program speaks for its importance, and an educated reader may well be insulted that they are not allowed to judge the importance for themselves. With a literature review, you need to establish a clear tie between the works that you have cited and the topic that you are writing about.

You should be able to justify the inclusion of a certain work in your review so as to make everything that you have written useful. A literature review surveys books, scholarly articles, and any other sources relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, and by so doing, provides a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works in.

A literature review is a vital part of research papers including theses and dissertations. "Surveying the literature is necessary because scholarship is cumulative -- no matter what you write, you are standing on someone else's shoulders.

Research Process: A Step-by-Step Guide: 4f. Literature Reviews

When conducting research, a literature review is an essential part of the project because it covers all previous research done on the topic and sets the platform on which the current research is based.

No new research can be taken seriously without first reviewing the previous research done on the. THE ROLE OF LITERATURE REVIEW IN THE RESEARCH PROCESS The first part of the paper defines survey research and discuss its application.

Literature Review Physical activity is important to people’s life. The benefits of participate in physical activity is numerous. Physical activity can help people “prevent a number of chronic dieases.

Discuss the importance of literature review in research process
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