Comparison of jesus and confucius

Like Jesus, Confucius taught the golden rule that people should only do things to others if they would be okay with other people doing those things to themselves. Based off the total amount of historical texts to learn about these two historical persons, the historical Jesus, by shear number, is more widely attested to than that of the historical Confucius.

Yes, raised Himself from death after 3 days and then spoke and appeared to people over 40 days — he also spoke with over people.

Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund

Once we think there is no God then we can be free of God. An Introduction to the History of Eastern Thought. In His lifetime, He said things about Himself that, if they were not true, would have been the words of a madman. The earliest known biography of Confucius is a short entry in the Shiji.

When people challenged Him on it, He said, in effect, if I denied my deity I would become a liar, as you are See John 8: Getting what they want and being positive results in happiness on earth for self.

Kids of Courage

They are all unified as One. Sima had to use unreliable and late sources to compile his text on Confucius as four centuries had passed between the death of Confucius and the writing of his biography. Then inthey were translated again into the old Shakespearean English of the King James version and its descendents Protestant.

He also wanted people to think hard about the problems they faced as well as to learn from others, especially from what history showed.

Considering that Jesus died around 30 AD, this leaves a small time gap of only 40 years. Surrender to Jesus Christ, which allows His peace to enter the person. This, as the apostle Peter affirmed, proved that he actually arrived in heaven see Acts 2: Confucius was born into the class of Shi that was between the aristocracy and the common people.

The Lord and The Master: Jesus and Confucius

He was condemned by the Jewish people primarily because he was leading people to Him. Work to get it from efforts of positive thinking. Obeying God not loving God results in happiness for eternity.

This time gap allowed for Mencius to have access to reliable information on Confucius. OthersWorld Religions. He placed no importance at all on the spirit world. Allah is said to be merciful and compassionate.

No scientific evidence as he saw it. The Lord and The Master: Comparison of jesus and confucius what you want. The Creator the One who needs none and whom all are in need of. God is definitely one that we will spend eternity getting to know. A peace of being reconciled back to God.

Is the God of Israel the only way that the true God revealed Himself? Actually crusaded against God whom he considered an obstacle to human intelligence and maturity. Better position for next rebirth to get to state of eternal nothingness.

Much of what we can known of Confucius, like Jesus, are from his teachings and words collected and preserved by his followers in the Lun Yu, which is known as The Analects of Confucius in English. Historians, due to its earliness of composition, see Mark as an authoritative source alongside hypothetical Q, L and M.

He made a series of claims about His own divine nature. Of all the historical sources we have on Confucius, The Analects are thought to be the most reliable although it remains questionable in some facets 3.

What do we use to govern right from wrong? Does a starfish on the bottom of an ocean know there is dry land? Is it possible that the starfish will never know dry land because all it sees is wetland? These are the same people who turned to run from Jesus when He was persecuted, but when they saw Jesus was resurrected and ascended into heaven, they willingly gave their lives to teach about Jesus as Messiah the only way to God — even to the point of death.

Some have said the greatest difference between Allah and Elohim is that Allah promised hell fire and torture for his followers while Elohim promised heaven and eternal life for his followers. His sayings, which he spoke in Aramaic, had to wait for many years after his death to be written down in Greek and Latin.

Mark, by scholarly consensus, is dated at 70 AD and is that of the genre of Greco-Roman biography. His Destination after Physical Death?The Lord and The Master: Jesus and Confucius Both Jesus and Confucius, as two of history’s most famous thinkers, have some things in common.

Yeshua (Jesus), who eventually became known by his followers as The Lord, left no account of his life or his teachings in his own hand. Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund Download Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund Comparison Chart of JESUS (Christians), Muhammad (Islam), Buddha (Buddhism), Sigmund (Atheism).

Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad Jesus is the person that is considered to have a significant influence on the beginnings of the Christian religion. Muhammad is said to have been responsible for the beginnings of the Islamic religion.

Comparison of Jesus and Confucius Essay. To compare and contrast Jesus Christ and Confucius Two different. It is generally held that Confucius was born around BC (Creel25) to his mother Yan and father Kong He, his father was an officer in the Lu military.

Yan raised Confucius after his father died when he was just three years old, and when he turned 19 he married Qiguan, and within a year they.

In Confucius for Christians: What an Ancient Chinese Worldview Can Teach Us about Life in Christ (Eerdmans), Ten Elshof examines how the Confucian tradition can shed new light on Christian. Confucianism was started by Confucius, who lived in China from about to B.C. Confucius did not claim to be a god, but after his death, some of his followers worshipped him.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, His followers were first called “Christians” in the days of Paul (Acts ).

Comparison of jesus and confucius
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