Chocolate vs coffee essay

What Affects Caffeine Content Cocoa Chocolate vs coffee essay contain caffeine, so the higher the percentage of cocoa in a chocolate bar, the higher its caffeine content. The range is to milligrams.

Cardiovascular Showdown—Chocolate vs. Coffee

Caffeine in Chocolate A 1-ounce square of unsweetened baking chocolate contains 23 milligrams of caffeine. Coffee nowadays is a drink of refreshment. Clearly there is variation in the caffeine content of hot chocolate as well as with coffee.

Rob van Dam, from the Harvard School of Public Healthindicates that drinking up to six cups of black coffee a day posed no higher health risk than non-coffee drinkers.

A ounce latte contains much less caffeine than a ounce mug of plain coffee. Coffee and Cocoa are two different products. Significance The significance in the difference of caffeine content between coffee and hot chocolate is clear.

Cocoa is a powder made from roasted, husked, and ground seeds of the cacao that is Theobroma cacao, from which much of the fat has been removed. The coffee contains little other nutrients; however, it does have small amounts of choline, some B vitamins, and potassium.

Hot cocoa averages 9 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce cup. Home-brewed coffee often contains less caffeine than coffee shop coffee because chains such as Starbucks use a higher percentage of coffee to water. Caffeine in Hot Chocolate Vs. Regular dark chocolate, with 50 percent to 69 percent cocoa, contains around 70 milligrams in a 3.

These drinks are different from the plant they are derived from, the taste, the process by which they are made and benefits they offer. To avoid weight gain by eating too many calories from chocolate, factor in the calories per 1 oz. There are various ways to make coffee, including a French press, which puts coffee beans into a press machine and infuses the flavor into hot water.

On average you can expect that your hot chocolate will have about one-fifth the caffeine content than that cup of coffee you might be considering. Considerations Consider the significance of caffeine in relation to your health circumstances, medications and other factors. Cocoa Benefits In addition to the antioxidant benefits of cocoa, eating cocoa in the form of dark chocolate may be beneficial for your heart.

Both cocoa and coffee begin as beans. The same amount of plain milk chocolate contains 20 milligrams of caffeine. Because coffee is basically a zero calorie beverage, you can drink black, unsweetened coffee without affecting the number of calories you consume throughout the day.

Positive aspects to coffee include its relatively high antioxidant content, which reduces the risk of developing certain diseases.

Robb has practiced as a licensed professional counselor since A ounce vanilla latte contains milligrams of caffeine. Cocoa can often also refer to the drink commonly known as hot chocolate.

Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario. That means the name is a bit of a misnomer since decaffeinated coffee contains up to 12 milligrams of caffeine per cup. It has become essential to life for everyone. Use natural, zero-calorie sweeteners in your coffee, skim milk or drink it black.

Difference between Coffee and Cocoa

A cup of standard brewed coffee has about 95 milligrams of caffeine. Coffee can have as much as 40 times as much caffeine as hot chocolate. If you consume 2, calories a day, the saturated fat in cocoa provides 1. On the other hand, cocoa is a powder made from roasted, husked, and ground seeds of the cacao that is Theobroma cacao, from which much of the fat has been removed.Chocolate Essay - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

facts about chocolate. Chocolate vs coffee essay did this for an essay for my class at school3/5(2). TwoFoods is a food comparision tool that compares the nutritional data of two food items to see which food suits your healthy eating goal.

Example food items: mcdonald's big mac; greek salad; subway melt. Manufacturers grind coffee or cocoa beans, and coffee aficionados grind the coffee beans for drinks. What Are the Health Benefits of Cocoa & Coffee?

by DIANE LYNN March cocoa beans, and coffee aficionados grind the coffee beans for drinks. Cocoa beans, once processed, make the basis for chocolate candy and numerous desserts. Caffeine, a stimulant, occurs naturally in coffee beans and cocoa beans and products made from them.

Coffee generally contains more caffeine than chocolate, and even decaffeinated coffee contains small amounts of caffeine.

In the United States, food processors do not have to list caffeine content on package labels. Cardiovascular Showdown—Chocolate vs. Coffee. Can Cacao Replace Your Morning Cup of Coffee? k Views · View Upvoters. promoted by WebstaurantStore. Do you own or manage a coffee shop or cafe?

Which is healthier: coffee or hot chocolate? Caffeine in Hot Chocolate Vs. Coffee. by DANIEL ROBB Oct. 03, Daniel Robb. Daniel Robb began writing professionally in His work appears in online publications such as Healthmad, The Real Owner, Notecook and a short story on Authspot.

You know there is caffeine in coffee but you also should know how much caffeine is in hot.

Chocolate vs coffee essay
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