Children should be responsible and accountable for their actions

For example in the state of Wisconsin in the United States, there is a high recidivism rate for teens incarcerated in adult prisons [8]. Sure, they know its wrong to steal a physical item, but is piracy really theft?

Your parents curse, the child is most likely to curse, the parents believe in God, the child believes in God. What if that was due to violent things they saw on TV or video games? Also when kids go out and rob someone where are their parents?

Perhaps even more troubling is that the four swimmers clearly thought that they would be able to get away with lying about what truly occurred at the gas station and I think that is an indicator of the much larger aforementioned problem: Who would be responsible for this.

Then he starts foaming at the mouth and is turning blue. Indirect influence is not something you can hold someone accountable for, and so therefore parents should not be held accountable for the actions of their child.

Liability Laws Make Parents Responsible for Underage Drinking in Their Home

Student athletes in particular have fallen under the spotlight more frequently over the past several years, not for their talent, but because of the culture surrounding them that feeds the notion that they are in some way superior.

A society, which expects teenage children to have adult responsibilities, has lead to unsafe working conditions, exploitation, sweatshops and child labor abuses [3].

In the most extreme form of holding teenagers to adult standards, teenagers may be subject to the death penalty.

Should parents be responsible for crimes committed by their children

Do you know what it is like to have an out-of-control teenager? Throughout our lives we are constantly reminded of this lesson. Parents indirectly influence a child through the kind of environment they put the child in.

Photography for Social Change, http: I applaud both organizations for taking the actions and subsequent fabrication presented by these men seriously. The newsletter provided a link to a article regarding parental responsibility laws. Now under the circumstance that a parent is directly influencing a child to murder and steal, that is understandable, but that is not how it works.

Department of Health and Human Services, www. The highest court in the land overturned the two previous rulings, and freed the parents from any responsibility.

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It should be that parents are held accountable as well as the kids. This is just complete retardation, and a failure of society to hold KIDS accountable for their actions. By giving ultimate responsibility for litigation, representation and reparation to parents, we avoid labeling and tracking teenagers into adult criminal behavior or giving up completely on rehabilitating these teens back as productive members of society.

A couple of 18 year old boys start drinking in one boys basement. It makes me sick. In fact the rate is nearly double the recidivism rate of adults in adult prisons as well as double the rate of teens in juvenile prisons. When a child is committed for murder the parent should be also charged for a lesser offense.

Following that same logic, should schools and other institutions in charge of our children be held responsible for their online actions? Within these definitions, it is proposed that parents should be responsible for the actions of their teenage children for the following reasons: This allows teenagers to avoid pitfalls in making decisions which otherwise would be influenced by peer-pressure or cultural signals.

Should children be held responsible for their online actions? Was the court right to absolve the parents of any responsibility?

Marcha August 13, at 2: Teenagers have more amygdala rather than frontal lobe activity. Children are of their own free will, and should therefore be held for their own actions seeing that they are strictly the ones that chose to do their action.

It was assumed that part of that would mean telling their child that piracy is wrong. This means that teenagers are less able to process information and are more likely to use emotional responses to problems.

I am not condoning parents hosting teenager drinking parties but feel the most accurate information should be shared with parents and educators.

Back in September, a California judge ruled that "negligence" can not be used to sue those whose network connections are used for piracy by others. Do we hold the parents and school responsible, or should the kids take some of the blame?

When a choice violates a rule, the decision is much clearer for the teen and the consequences are understood. After almost five years of fighting, the parents took the case to the Federal Court. This is especially clear in the area of child labor laws.May 08,  · argumentative essay: should parents be held legally responsible for their children's actions?

When juveniles break the law, they are punished by a juvenile court and if convicted, are usually incarcerated in juvenile detention centers.

Following that same logic, should schools and other institutions in charge of our children be held responsible for their online actions? These are questions that the courts and parents will have to struggle with as the Internet becomes more pervasive in our lives.

Parents are legally responsible for the behavior of their children Those who would hold parents responsible for their children's actions might argue that values can and should be instilled.(Pro/Con ) Colorado was the first state to enact parent-liability laws in Mar 15,  · Do you think parents should be held responsible for their children's crimes?

I'm doing a school project, and I'm interested in people's opinions. Do you think parents should be held accountable for their children's actions?Status: Resolved.

Aug 10,  · Should parents be responsible for the actions of their children? Yes, I believe parents should be responsible for the actions of their children but to a certain extent and at certain degrees.

I believe that just like any other relationship in life, the parent(s)-child/children dynamic is similar -I'll expand on this a little bit later. To cut to the chase, I'm guessing that this is a question of when parents should be held legally accountable for the decisions of their children.

One line of reasoning goes like this- Parents are responsible for educating their children.

Children should be responsible and accountable for their actions
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