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The war ended with no particular side winning over the other. Naval officers were recruited from the Italian Greeks, and crews - from allies and slaves. However, the army was unreliable. The second Punic War was fought between BC. From Prehistory to the First Punic War. Hannibal fled from his native city and again wanted to go to war against Rome.

The Carthaginians agreed to disarm. The First Punic War began because of a conflict of interests between Carthage and Rome in terms of control over Sicily. They had to erase Carthage from the face of the earth. It was fought mainly at sea, off the coast of Sicily.

Essay on the Punic Wars

Only in BC, the Romans were able to build a new fleet that consisted of ships. He was fearless in exposing himself to danger and was always the first and last soldier to enter and leave battle.

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This was the first time Rome had built a navy. However, he was inhumanly cruel and untruthful. On the way, he lost almost half of his army and all his war elephants and came to face Rome with only 26, soldiers.

These were between and BC. The Carthaginian embassy declared a full and unconditional surrender of the city. He made the transition through Gaul and the Alps and began fighting in Italy.

Secret instructions required them not to enter into negotiations with the enemy. In the Battle of Cannae in BC the Romans suffered their greatest military defeat ever, losing over 30, men.

Hannibal marched his huge army of almost 60, soldiers and some war elephants across the Alps and straight into Italy all the, way from Spain. One of the leaders, Lucius Aemilius, saw that the ground was flat so he thought they should not engage with their enemy.

The defeat of Carthage was predetermined by the inequality of human resources. However, they flatly rejected the claim of the Romans to raise the city and move inland.

Custom The Punic Wars Essay. The First Punic War began. The Romans as well as the Carthaginians sought for a new war, hoping finally to crush a dangerous rival. However, in BC, Romans abandoned the tactic.

The city, built up with tall buildings, had thousand inhabitants. When the hostages were taken, the consuls also required to give all the weapons stored in Carthage.

His expertise of a soldier and commander was exceptional. It was a natural stage of the development, to which the Roman society came a long way as a result of its development.

Rome made a lot of mistakes in this war and suffered heavy losses in manpower. All the slaves were released.

Custom The Punic Wars Essay

The city was burning for 17 days.These wars between Rome and Carthage were for hegemony in the Mediterranean. The name Punic is derived from the words for Phoenician. Carthage was founded by settlers from the Phoenician city of Tyre on the fertile land of North Africa, on the shore of the large and comfortable haven.

Essay on the Punic Wars This empire was known as Carthage.

The purpose of these wars was to decide which power would become the dominant force around the Mediterranean Sea. The first Punic War lasted from BC.

It was fought mainly at sea, off the coast of Sicily. The second Punic War was fought between BC. 4/4(1). Punic Wars essaysThe Punic wars were a set of three wars that stretched from BCE. They were fought between the Romans and Carthaginians over trading and land disputes.

Basically, two quickly expanding empires came in contact with each other and war was inevitable. There was a fierce compe. Impact Of The Punic Wars On Rome History Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The Punic Wars had a number of important impacts to the Roman society and politics.

By BC, Rome was a very different country then before the Punic Wars that saw immediate and long term effects. Carthage was reduced to a mere client state of. The Punic Wars gave Rome a taste of what it was like to have power, riches, eminence, and fueled their expansion to transcendence.

Before the first Punic War erupted, tension had built up over years between Rome and Carthage. - How the Punic Wars Changed Rome and Carthage The Punic Wars were a series of wars that destroyed an empire.

The three wars were fought between Rome and Carthage. The First Punic War started in B.C. with a dispute over land in Sicily.

Carthage and the punic wars essay
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