Are gender roles natural

And so it happens, time and again, one child after another. Is it because we are biologically entwined to be so or is it because of our mind-set and beliefs being socially constructed in a particular way? For at the end of the day, a happy person is one who can exhibit himself or herself as they are, and not as the society wishes or drives them to be.

A heart, a brain, a face. Men are supposed to gravitate towards physical and mentally taxing chores and the norm dictates communal works like cooking to be that of the female gender.

It grows, expands and transcends all bounds, multiplying to form a figure. We become hardened about certain ideas which kill the possibility for growth and diversification. These rules and expectations keep building newer cages. But with efforts to rid themselves of such stereotypes and by sensitizing the issue changes can be brought forth to enable men and even women to realise that their behaviour need not be restricted and to accept the differences in nature.

What we all tend to forget is that each individual is different.

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Such ideas become so thoroughly engraved in our minds that after a point they simply become a natural way of thinking to us, even a strong belief. The life has not yet begun but already the limitations have set in, the binds have confined, the expectations have fostered.

Forcing people to somehow cramp up their lives and fit into these boxes. But just as the growth continues, an organ comes into formation, which snaps back the bounds and brings forth restrictions that are indecipherable to this young. Take for example the belief that nurturing and caring are traits that come natural to a woman, and not to men.

The society we live in nurtures norms which though helps regularise and civilize the people, it also cultivates a paradigm wherein children are forced to believe that certain roles are natural for one gender and not for the other. BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing We seek to celebrate the next generation of writers to create a platform with multiple avenues — dedicated to quality writing.

Only then can we expect the seed to grow into its full potential. And all such beliefs do is entrap us in a cage, binding us away from the million capacities that we hold in ourselves.

Their parents, friends, school environment and neighbourhood enforces the ideology of men and women being different and hence having varying roles. To come alive boundless and full of possibilities. This organ which is meant to represent the sex of the child, suddenly transforms into the representation of the child itself.

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It develops continuously and rapidly, bringing into existence a life to live, to experience. Sexual organs should have only two roles, to determine the gender of a person and to nurture reproduction. And any man who wishes to become a hairdresser or make-up artist is looked down upon, with questioning eyes.

And so the cage gets built, getting stronger per norm, per expectation, per socially constructed belief. However what makes it worse is the fact that it discourages those who wish to come out of the closet and celebrate themselves. A stay at home dad, an ambitious woman who puts her career over her family, trans-genders, lesbians, they all are deemed unnatural for not fitting into the well described criteria of a man and a woman.

It demeans and negates the feelings of people who have chosen this lifestyle. And not all wish to or can even survive in these boxes. Every entity has different aspirations, irrespective of what sexual organ they were born with.

Research has proven that constricting children to gender roles and expectations proves to be mentally harmful. And so, gender roles inhibit our aspirations and happiness. Somehow, most thankfully to the efforts of the waves of feminism, the society has now become more tolerant towards women crossing such limitations.

The expectations are stronger for them and more bearing.The study interrogated the traditional gender roles of men and women in the conservation of natural resources.

African feminism and post- colonial theory were used as theoretical frameworks to analyze the practices. Nature of ‘Natural’ Gender Roles A seed at first, infused with life, vigour and limitless possibilities.

It grows, expands and transcends all bounds, multiplying to form a figure.

The ‘science’ of gender roles

Well, obviously gender roles are "natural". There are obvious differences in how human males and females develop that gives men more strength in their upper bodies, and gives women more strength in their lower bodies.

The ‘science’ of gender roles. When you look at biology, look at the natural world, the roles of a male and female in society; in other animals the male typically is the dominant role. Gender roles being natural =/= men and women not being the same, just to be clear. Also, pointing to widespread tendencies in societies such as men often being the soldiers and women often being carers for children doesn't necessarily make the case for gender roles being natural any stronger.

Jul 18,  · Yes gender roles are natural and taking them out of the natural order of life has done nothing but cause destruction and the breakdown in society and family life. It's a Status: Resolved.

Are gender roles natural
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