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Rhoda meets herself alternate self after months, not days. What happens here is that another Dr. Rhoda has to take a decision whether she goes or stays, but she wants to tell John the truth first.

Given the planets have been aligned in their histories, this delay is not because of a technology issue. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. He takes her out to Another earth rhoda essay auditorium and plays her a "saw". John eventually comes out of his coma.

By this time the other Earth is quite close and they attempt to make contact with people on it. Rhoda is a minor, so her identity is not revealed to John. That incident makes her feel certain elements of pain and emotion that makes her write a winning essay.

The reason I want to do that is to estimate the time one would Another earth rhoda essay to get from Earth to Earth. The scene in which Rhoda leaves the prison facility was filmed by having Marling walk into an actual prison posing as a yoga instructor and then exiting.

She continues to remain a janitor as she sees John prepare to leave for Earth-2 on TV. Based on how big they show Earth-2 to appear and the size difference between the Earth and the Moon, we can say that Earth-2 is about the same distance as the moon.

Many months pass, around 3 to 4 months as autumn has become winter. This means the journey between Earth-1 and Earth-2 taking into account having to cut through an atmosphere to land is going to be less than a week. She finds a job as high-school janitor, but tries to commit suicide.

She celebrates with friends and drives home intoxicated. One day, Rhoda decides to visit John Burroughs, whose life was destroyed after the death of his family, to admit to him that she had killed his family.

This leaves the question as to why it took Rhoda so much longer to come. Mesmerized by her playing, he obtained her contact information and arranged for her to coach William Mapother on how to hold and act as if playing the saw for the scene in the film.

She explains the theory to him and leaves her ticket to Earth-2 for him. Rhoda decides she is going to go up to him, tell him who she is and try and ask for his forgiveness.

Earth is about 3. The two of them get romantically involved. Bear with me for a moment here. Perhaps there was never an essay competition on Earth It was released in dramatic competition. She continues driving while trying to locate this Earth-like planet.

Another Earth

He answers the door and she loses her nerve. He yells at Rhoda and asks her to get out. This means that Rhoda from Earth-2 has come to Earth Coming to the accident, if the accident had not happened on Earth-2, John from Earth-1 would have got a chance to see John from Earth-2 happy with his family.Jul 27,  · Perhaps not a second Earth however, but the very same Earth, in another universe that has now become visible.

"Another Earth" is a film animated by one stunning image: A new planet four times the size of the moon appears in the sky of Earth/5. SPOILER: Seventeen year-old Rhoda Williams receives an acceptance letter from MIT and she celebrates with her friends.

On the same night, a planet similar and close to Earth is discovered and called Earth 2. Rhoda drives her car looking at Earth 2 and crashes with composer John Burroughs, killing his pregnant wife and his baby son.7/ Rhoda Williams: I don't really want to be around too many people, or do too much talking.

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Another Earth. Drama Filmer Romantic Sci-Fi. Director: Mike Cahill.

a planet similar and close to Earth is discovered and called Earth 2. Rhoda drives her car looking at Earth 2 and crashes with composer John Burroughs, killing his pregnant wife and his baby son. however, and submits an essay to a contest where the prize is a ticket to.

Eventually Rhoda (from Earth-2) gets a chance to travel and comes to Earth-1 to meet her alternate self. Perhaps there was never an essay competition on Earth Even if there was one, Rhoda (from Earth-2) does not win the competition.

Had Rhoda (from Earth-2) also won, she would have arrived on Earth-1 months before.

Another earth rhoda essay
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