An introduction to the analysis of october sky

He is a Russian man and he appreciates the boys for their courage to stand up and fight against their destiny as future coal miners. Jim Hickam is Homer Hickam Jr. This is a truly inspiring story especially for teenagers.

Analysis of October Sky

It is implied that after the fire, she turned to prostitution in order to support herself. She has a tense relationship with her husband through most of the story. Vanguard made it only three yards off the ground before it blows up.

He takes his job very seriously, going out of his way to help miners in distress. Ike works for the mine but he works with steel and he knows how to weld.

October Sky Movie Review Summary

By the end of this chapter, it has begun to focus on the Hickam family as well as beginning to show some of the cracks.

Cape Coalwood Continuing his battle with his father, Sonny Hickam has been ordered not to launch any more rockets.

They build a launching pad for their rockets and start testing rocket after rocket but with little success. Isaac Bykovski is a worker in the mine who helps Sonny with his first rockets. He is later killed in a mine collapse while operating a loader. This provides an interesting dynamic and internal conflict in Homer.

They get the permission to start launching again and they decide to go to the science fair. He keeps telling him how proud he is that he son is finally a proper man and a miner.

He is excitable and often confounds the other members and townspeople with his advanced vocabulary. The chapter ends with Jake giving the boys a gift of a telescope that he used as a boy, allowing them to see Jupiter and the stars. Their first real rocket, powered by black powderis named Auk 1.

Miss Riley Returning to school after having been in the newspaper, the Rocket Boys discover that they are treated a bit differently. Quentin carries a suitcase stuffed with books wherever he goes and finds excuses to get out of gym class.

The rest of her family was still in the house when it went up in flames but she was the only one whom Homer Sr. John Hickham recovers and he is very proud of his son. While Sonny spends most of his time infatuated with her, although she still spends time with him, Dorothy only wants a friend relationship and goes out with other boys.

Sputnik Beginning with the radio broadcast telling the American people of the launch of Sputnik, this chapter tells of life in the town of Coalwood in the few days after Sputnik. The Football Fathers With an undefeated season, the high school football team of Big Creek is forced out of the state championship.

He is the hard-headed mine foreman in Coalwood. Coalwood An introduction to the town of Coalwood, this chapter begins by explaining that the town of Coalwood was at war with itself.

Quentin The introduction of Quentin, an odd, but smart young boy who is quite unpopular because he is intelligent. Homer later describes the event as her pity to him.

A must see for every family! To create the rockets, they need help with a few pieces of pipe.A very rich book, "October Sky" has a lot happening in each chapter, which can make it a bit difficult to locate a specific event or idea. These chapter summaries of "October Sky" will cover each chapter separately, making it easy to locate specific major events in the story, and establishing a timeline by which to locate smaller events as well.

October Sky Summary: The movie October Sky is a heart moving story about Homer Hickam who was inspired to build a rocket and never gave up until his dreams became true. Homer Hickam was a teenage boy from a mining town in.

For Homer Hickam Jr., as he tells it in his memoir, October Sky, the moment that forever changed his life happened when he was fourteen years old and living in Coalwood, West Virginia.

Hickam, better known then as Sonny, tells. Sullivan Central High School Instructions This summer, you are expected to read October Sky by Homer Hickam and complete this Summer Reading Packet.

You will find a rubric on the last page of this packet that will guide you. Read this Music and Movies Essay and over 88, other research documents. Analysis of October Sky. Living Above Ground The inspirational true story of Homer Hickam in October Sky reminds us all to strive for our /5(1).

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An introduction to the analysis of october sky
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