An illusion for the masses

Even benign reminders of the First Amendment are quickly dispatched by mob hysteria. In other words, the First Amendment is not negotiable if we are to have any semblance of freedom in this country. In this context, it seems very much like a tool to bring all personal relationships under state control.

Opiate For The Masses - Illusions Lyrics

The unrest and rioting from Ferguson to Baltimore seem to be happening on cue also, with media propaganda that urges it on. American conservatives are by and large clueless about propaganda methods and tactics.

Ignorance was cultivated in the schools through political correctness and squashing free debate. The destructive nature of humans sets a pre-inclination for disaster when humans must interact with others in society.

Love and Laughter Dissipate Delusion As more people succumb to PC conditioning and cede their freedom of thought, it becomes more difficult for the rest of us to maintain integrity of mind. With the continued chipping away of the organic family of mother-child-father, human relationships inevitably become diluted and more subservient to a mass state.

Comedians who dare tread into trans territory are shut down. Unfortunately, too many Americans have been sleeping through most of its propaganda battles, and for a very long time. So they simply surrendered. When it comes to brainwashing, every one of us has our breaking point.

Free expression is always the prime target of tyrants because it promotes logic, the search for truth, and friendship. There seem to be few independent thinkers left.

If we can see how things should be, we can see how askew they can get, and we can recognize distortion when we are confronted with it. Delusion is an important element, because tyrannies do not stand up to logic.

We can never fight back as long as we are in the dark about how our minds can be manipulated. So we absolutely must try to fully understand the methods and tactics of mental coercion and share that knowledge with others as much as possible.

There is no real debate on the merits of policies that depend on a blind faith in man-made global warming: Yet as our speech becomes more restricted, we end up more separated from one another and more susceptible to mass delusions. Just as a soldier must know how to handle his physical weapons, so the politicians must know how to face and handle the mental strategy of human relationships and diplomacy.

The book offers the psychic defenses so lacking among those who submit to logicide. Summary[ edit ] Freud defines religion as an illusion, consisting of "certain dogmas, assertions about facts and conditions of external and internal reality which tells one something that one has not oneself discovered, and which claim that one should give them credence.

Family breakdown led to community breakdown, which we can see in the decline of trust in society. The Link Between Crowds and Power The whole image of such mass delusion in America is surrealistic, especially to comfortably insulated Americans who believe our first freedoms could never really be thrown away in the face of such a full-frontal, PC-induced attack.

Follow Stella on Twitter. In a word, power. Meerloo about 60 years ago. A sense of enforced isolation is a cruel and effective tool for instilling loneliness and then delusion in people. More of us could have learned how free speech is essential to preventing mass delusion.

Put forth more explicitly, "what is characteristic of illusions is that they are derived from human wishes. Same-sex marriage is only one of those ideas.

The bloody twentieth century is filled to the gills with examples. So manipulators repeat lies and sloganeer endlessly to condition their subjects to repress unauthorized speech and thought: Meanwhile, the power elites who now control the media, academia, and Hollywood seem to understand social psychology well enough to exploit it on a massive scale.

Yet to develop yourself is impossible without the duty of giving your energy and attention to the development of others. Propaganda Is Directing Us Leftward American conservatives are by and large clueless about propaganda methods and tactics. An illusion for the masses, delusion can be induced anywhere.

Our hope, as Meerloo concluded, is in the reality that human rebellion and dissent cannot be forever suppressed: There are virtually no conservative social psychologists around.

Meanwhile, the Left has been employing social psychology and depth psychology on the masses for decades. Such protesters and their scores of clueless apologists in the media are also utterly detached from the reality of the meaning of laws such as an RFRA.Lyrics to 'Illusions' by Opiate For The Masses.

I'd give a large piece of all I have / For someone to tell me who I am / A small price to pay / For an illusion. Check out Masses Illusion by Mr. Joe on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on The Illusion of Prosperity and Happiness Adorning oneself in expensive clothes and trinkets, and amassing collections of material possessions that would be the envy of any 19th century monarch has become a substitute for genuine prosperity.

The Future of an Illusion (German: Die Zukunft einer Illusion) is a work by Sigmund Freud, describing his interpretation of religion's origins, development, and its future.

"For masses are lazy and unintelligent; they have no love for instinctual renunciation, Author: Sigmund Freud. How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion. Political propaganda aims to mobilize the masses to move an agenda forward. That’s most effectively done when the masses are unaware of the process.

1 An Illusion for the Masses “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” So said 18th Century British writer Samuel Johnson. One can start to think about patriotism in its many forms but still arrive at the same juncture, it is simply people’s need to align themselves with a larger identity.

An illusion for the masses
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