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You can create an account, at no cost, and from there you can upload documents for access or purchase a membership. Seed investors SV Angel and Maveron also participated. See site for more details.

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When a user has uploaded 40 documents, they can download up to documents from Course Hero. Hear real life success stories from other customers. How do I know if what Course Hero has to offer is what I need? What are the Course Hero customer service contact details?

You can earn unlocks by uploading content and you can use those to access documents. They can ask any question about a subject and a tutor will respond within 3 days. User can search for documents by content, a business plan course hero or course subject.

These courses use aggregated educational content from the web and consistently test students until they master their subject. Entrepreneurship, Business, and Web Programming.

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Cheating[ edit ] As Course Hero allows students to post previous homework and exam solutions from their classes, the website is often cited as an aid to student cheating.

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Check out the social media pages for more useful articles, savings coupon offers, and real life success stories from other customers. They certainly can, for teachers, it can be a real big pain to create lesson plans; by using Course Hero they can just go in during the day, teach, go home and grade and then create lesson plans.

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How can I find the right membership plan for me? History[ edit ] Course Hero was founded by Andrew Grauer at Cornell University in for college students to share lectures, class notes, exams and assignments that usually went ignored.

This includes exams and their keys, quizzes and their keys, study guides written by instructors. Course Hero is here to ensure your best member experience - note that they offer chat, email and phone support. What about teachers, can they take advantage of what Course Hero has to offer?

You can use these unlocks to unlock other documents that might come in handy, and the Tutor Questions are used to ask a tutor a question.

What is the Course Hero YouTube channel about? Where can I find Course Hero coupons? This company has gain such a good reputation and trust just by having updated and fabulous material. When you create a free account, you can start earning unlocks and Tutor Questions by just uploading your documents.

Did you know that you can download the iOS apps to get Course Hero right on your iPhone or iPad and get your tutor on the go! Each course breaks down into roughly 6 sections, teaching a combination of videos and articles.

In the unexpected event that you encounter any trouble using your account, you are well covered. Course Hero gives the confidence that every student and educator needs to attack any task by focusing on content, tools and services on an open sharing platform for a wide variety of subjects.

Find a huge selection of guides, tutorials and tips on the Course Hero YouTube channel.If the business plan is for a new business, try to project what your assets and liabilities will be over the course of the business plan to determine. View Notes - BUSINESS PLAN from BUSINESS bcom at Kenyatta University.


Take a look at a sample plan for a golf course, driving range, or training center, to get some ideas before you start writing a business plan for your business.

These, and hundreds more sample business plans, are included in LivePlan. Cornell joins the growing number of highly selective institutions whose business schools have adopted nondisclosure policies concerning grades and recruitment.

Start studying Chapter 4- Writing a Business Plan. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Course Hero is an educational tool designed to be your hero. With Course Hero you can get the leg up on that tough class and learn the skills needed to master any subject.

Whether it's through study guides, course notes, or even a tutor to really give you an edge, Course Hero is here to save you.5/5(14).

A business plan course hero
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